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The perception about the araras-canindé in the urban area of Campo Grande

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The objective of the research, produced by Aline Calderan, Larissa Tinoco, Celso Correa Souza, and Neiva Maria Robaldo Guedes, is to analyze the residents’ perception about the Araras-Canindé (Ara ararauna) in the urban area of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as raise awareness of the need to practice biodiversity conservation.

A threat to the rivers in Bonito (MS)

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The threat to rivers in Bonito region causes damage to Brazil. “(…) Locally, counties inside the Lei da Mata Atlântica (11.428/2006) area can find in Plano Municipal de Conservação and Recuperação da Mata Atlântica (PMMA) another way out. It’s responsible to point to prioritary actions in conservation areas of native Mata Atlântica vegetation. It’s done…

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