With a circulation of 1,500 copies, João Farkas’s book PANTANAL- PAISAGEM LÍQUIDA will follow the exhibitions and photo shows.

A 160-page photographic edition, printed in 5 colors, in open 50 x 35cm format, designed by the studio Machine Studio under the responsibility of Kiko Farkas will be finalized by September 2019.

In addition to the bookstore sale and accompanying each exhibition, part of the copies will be donated to public libraries.

Pantanal – Serra do Amolar

The book PANTANAL – SERRA DO AMOLAR presents a photographic essay by Araquém Alcântara with a circulation of 3,000 copies, with 240 pages and an editorial project by TerraBrasil Editora.

The author has been dedicated to the registration of this region since 2002 and now intends to gather in the book the best images of this documentation, many awarded and already published in international magazines and newspapers. The edition has the support of Rede do Amolar and with Consulting and Logistics of Instituto Homem Pantaneiro.

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